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Xray Property

How & why is Xray free?

Did you say free?

Xray Property is a free resource for all investors and home owners to use. We don't charge a subscription for you to use the xray. We want every investor, home owner or property enthusiast to be able to use the Xray, and that's why we never want to charge for this service.

We are able to provide this resource to you free of charge by leveraging off those who offer and provide you with essential services which help keep your property portfolio healthy. From time to time you may see some subtle marketing, but our aim is to keep distracting advertising on our site to a bare minimum, if any at all. If there is any marketing, then it will only exist to benefit you directly in what you potentially may need to maintain the health of your portfolio.

We respect your privacy and the privacy of all your information is our utmost priority. We will never share any of your private information unless you explicitly instruct us to.